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In my study and research as a Health Coach, I realized there’s a method to the madness. Most diets focus on what not to eat; this can feel like deprivation. You and I will be talking about “8 Paradigms” which is a strategy we want to use instead of focusing on what you don’t get to eat is. Using these tools we will start nurturing a healthy relationship to your body and food. Together, we will pull you naturally towards supportive habits versus self destructive ones to vibrate at a much higher frequency with more energy.

When you are in touch with your personal power, you feel unstoppable. You make crystal clear decisions, you feel focused, creative, patient, loving and in tune with your own body’s desires and your own body’s needs. One of the things that I would love for you to get from our work together is tuning into your own intuition in this way. This is the place where you feel aligned in every aspect of of your life

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Discussions & Methods


As a Life Coach we will be talking about love, career, finances, and spirituality. Remember the adage, you must love yourself before you can love others.

Aa a Life Coach I will help you to overcome your fears in order to create the life that you want. You will learn how to ignore the fear that may be holding you back.

We will look at authenticity. Can your be fully your self and still be loved? We will explore “The Deep and Meaningful Relationship Wheels”, which will help us to discover which areas are calling to be nourished.


The Transformation Coaching Method allows me to help you change your experience, without to remember to be different. Healthy habits become who you are. True behavior change is really an identity change.

Your identity will be defined by your ability to be independent of your previous way of doing things.

What is coaching? Coaching is 20% teaching, 80% transformation. Coaching concentrates on the present and future. I want you to think of me as your equal, your cheerleader, your best friend whom you cannot wait to call and share the ups and down of your personal and professional life.

Confidence will become your best accessory. When you realize your power, you become unstoppable.

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