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Meet Larisa


Certified Health & Life Coach

Founder of Grow From Love


I was always interested in mind, body and spirit connections. I have worked with many people from different walks of life, who have been successful in their professions but not always in their personal lives. Others have fulfilling personal lives but maybe are not as successful in their careers. But people can have both.

As Mark Twain said: "School provides knowledge, life turns it into wisdom.” Together we can bring out the knowledge you already have.

My practice concentrates on changing beliefs, then behaviors, which can help you change your identity to become who you really want to be. I use the Transformation Coaching Method to help you be that person.

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Making New Habits

Choosing Nourishing Food

Improving Your Health

Finding New Love

Making Relationships Better

What I Specialize In

The Transformation Coaching Method allows me to help you change your experience, without to remember to be different. Healthy habits become who you are. True behavior change is really an identity change.

Your identity will be defined by your ability to be independent of your previous way of doing things.

What is coaching? Coaching is 20% teaching, 80% transformation. Coaching concentrates on the present and future. I want you to think of me as your equal, your cheerleader, your best friend whom you cannot wait to call and share the ups and down of your personal and professional life.

Confidence will become your best accessory. When you realize your power, you become unstoppable.

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When You Change Your Habits,

You Change Your Life

“Ineffective communication leads to experiencing conflict and loss of connection. The root cause of conflict in communication frequently isn’t what is said. It’s often what is not being said.”

“Nourishment is about so much more than just food. We consume air, relationships, and environments around us. All of those are nourishments.  Every craving has a positive intention. Body’s request for balance, and souls for alignment.”

“Your body is the most powerful, least expensive, and best dietary experimental lab in existence. Why? Because the body has an innate wisdom beyond any book or authority. No matter which phase of life you are in, your body is the ultimate dietary authority.”

Words of beauty by
Larisa Entin

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Questions People Ask That Lead to Identity Changes

Are you a “New Year’s resolution” person? If you are, how long do those resolutions last before old habits start rushing back?

Are you single, looking for love? Does dating seem scary to you?

In a relationship, but experiencing conflict? 

Do you believe your relationship is over but afraid to leave? Or do you clarity to decide if you should stay or leave?

In a relationship, but still wanting more? Are you looking to improve communication and share more of your authentic selves?

Are you looking to find your romantic partner or spark the fire with your spouse again?

Together, we will establish clarity and the real reasons we want to create change within our relationships.



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Rhode Island

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